011LAB Careers

Job title: Electronics Design Engineer
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Job type: Full Time
Degree: BSc/MSc/Masters Degree
Work experience: 0 - 5 years

Job Description

011LAB plans to expand its operations, and for the realization of future innovative projects (new products development) expands its creative team.

Future colleagues are expected to work with the latest technologies and will have ample opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and experience. Each of the team members participate in various activities on the project, and are practically involved with many aspects of design, development and implementation of new products.

It takes a good knowledge of electronics, experience with laboratory instrumentation, familiarity with some of the EDA SW for system-level board design (PCB layout design is not mandatory), and at least some experience with programming microcontrollers. Knowledge and experience with FPGA design is a plus.

The candidates are expected to demonstrate initiative and independence in their work, creativity, quickly mastering new material, the desire to acquire new knowledge and to achieve results.

Required a university degree majoring in electronics or similar, English proficiency, and familiarity with computers, hardware and software.

If you find this opportunity match your qualifications and ambitions, please send your resume and cover letter to e-mail: careers [Please append @ and our domain name here]
(our domain name is: 011LAB.com).

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